How To Reduce Face Fat – Causes And Solutions

Do you suffer from chubby cheeks and too many chins? Looking for ways to lose that fat? First, you must understand the underlying causes:

  • Diet – Fatty foods and a generally unhealthy diet leads to body fat all over the body, for some, that includes the face and cheeks.
  • Salt – Too much salt and salty foods can lead to water retention and bloating.
  • Allergies – Pollen, foods, pets, can cause facial puffiness.
  • Stress – Stress and lack of sleep will leave your face swollen and appear more fat.
  • Smoking – Smoking reduces your body’s elastin resulting in sagging face and cheeks.
  • Alcohol – Over time, alcohol consumption can lead to liver failure leading to weight gain and facial fat accumulation.

Reducing Facial Fat


1. Exercise should be your first line of attack.

The more you exercise and the more intensely you exercise, the more calories you burn. The only effective way to lose face fat is to lower your body fat resulting in less facial fat. 5 Best Exercises To Eliminate A Double Chin.

2. The best approach to reducing your body fat is through exercise and physical activity on a regular basis.

There are exercises that are more efficient at fat burning than others. Cardio training, walking, jogging, spin class or fitness classes will all reduce the layer of body fat covering your body and face.

3. While hours on the treadmill, track or exercise bike will burn calories and reduce fat, there are more effective approaches.

Interval training and combinations of cardio and resistance training conducted in short periods of intense training alternating with brief periods of active rest called High-Intensity Interval Training will promote a faster metabolism and burn more fat and calories during exercise but also for several hours after you exercise.

Fix Your Diet


Making healthier choices in the kitchen will greatly accelerate your weight and fat loss. No matter how much exercise you do, it will not be as effective or reduce body fat levels if you are still eating sugar, fat, and empty calories. Sugar and corn syrup sweeteners are in most foods and many that you might not expect. Beware of “healthy” foods that are labeled “low-fat” or “gluten-free” as they often contain added sugar to offset the reduced fat or flour.

Reduce your intake of breads, cereals, and other processed foods. Find healthier choices for those fast foods and prepackaged processed foods and reduce the burgers, fries and pizzas. Remember that calories that aren’t burned as fuel are stored as body fat – and face fat!