9 Reasons Why Women Should Do Resistance Training

Many women who exercise spend more time in aerobics or yoga class than they do lifting a dumbbell. Which is unfortunate as resistance training, lifting weights, can build a healthier, stronger and more fit body. Consider these benefits of resistance training:


1. A lean, fit and toned body

Resistance training tones muscle and develops a lean shapely body. By incorporating resistance training into your overall fitness program your body will be more well defined and shapely.

2. Increased metabolism

Lean muscle is more metabolically active than fat. Each pound of lean muscle you gain, will burn about 35-50 more calories every day. The more muscle you have, the more fat and calories you will be burning.

3. Increased weight loss

The combination of lean muscle, increased metabolism and full body workouts will increase the efficiency of fat metabolism and fat burning, even at rest. The positive changes in your body will also inspire you to follow a healthier diet and lifestyle. The combination of these factors will increase your weight loss or ability to maintain your ideal weight once you reach it.

Resistance biceps curls

4. Increased functional strength

While resistance training, you will become physically stronger and you will become less dependent on others. From a functional standpoint, the activities of daily living like squatting and picking up groceries or simply sitting and rising from a chair will be easier.

5. Stronger more stable joints

Weight (resistance) training will strengthen joints, tendons, and the muscles surrounding joints. The joints will become stronger, more stable and less likely to suffer injury.

6. Increased bone density

Resistance training increases bone mass and density and reduces your risk for osteoporosis. As women age, they lose calcium and minerals and lose bone mass as a result. Bones become brittle and easily broken. Weight training offsets and delays this bone loss.

Bench Press

7. Increased muscle fibers

Women have less muscle mass and fewer muscle fibers than men, and lose even more as they age. This “wasting”, the loss of muscle fiber and mass leads to a condition known as Resistance training can help build functional strength and muscle fibers and prevent or delay muscle wasting.

8. Improved sports performance

Your stronger muscles will allow you to be able to run faster, jump higher and throw better. Your balance and agility will also improve with resistance training The combination of these factors will make you a better athlete.

9. Increased confidence and self-esteem

In addition to the previous benefits, resistance training will also improve your posture. You will stand taller, look and feel better and feel that you can overcome and meet new challenges. You will be more confident and experience new levels of self-esteem.

Women who lift weights and resistance train have more energy, enjoy a more active lifestyle, and live healthier, happier lives.

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