3 Simple Exercises For Sexy Legs That You Can Perform At Home

What woman doesn’t want lean and sexy legs? Through the right combination of diet, cardiovascular training and these simple bodyweight exercises you can tone your legs, reduce body fat and cellulite deposits and develop lean muscle and definition.

This combination of bodyweight exercises is designed to work your lower body muscles from every angle and involves the major muscle groups of the hips, buttocks, thighs and calves. The exercises require NO equipment and can be performed after your cardio workout.

Always warm up before you train, at least 5 minutes to get your blood flowing and warm up your muscles. Use your cardio training as a warm up or perform calisthenics, jumping jacks or rope jumping. Once warmed up, perform these exercises in this order:

1. Lunges

Lunges with dumbbells

Start with your feet shoulder width apart and your hands at your sides, on your hips, or with your arms across your chest. Now plant your left foot firmly and take a large step forward with your right foot. Keep your back straight, bend both knees and lower yourself until the REAR knee is just above the ground. Your right knee should be directly above your ankle and your left knee is just off the floor and that back foot on your toes. Now push back using that forward right leg to return to the upright position. This time, plant your right foot and step off with your left foot, stretch forward and then return to the start position. Alternate left, right, left until you reach 20 repetitions. No rest, move immediately to the next exercise.

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2. Squats

Squats With Kettlebell

Squats use every muscle group in your lower body. With your feet shoulder width apart and toes pointed slightly outward, look straight ahead and squat down (sit) slowly in a controlled descent until your upper thighs are parallel with the floor or as low as you can. Keep looking forward or slightly upward, and concentrate on keeping your feet and heels flat on the floor. Keep your arms out in front if you need to balance yourself or cross them across your chest. Once you reach the lowest position of your squat, without bouncing, return to the upright position, pause and squat again. Perform 20 repetitions, then without resting, move immediately to the next exercise.

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3. Calf Raises

Stand near a wall or chair back and place one hand on your support as you slowly raise up on your toes and hold and stretch at the top of the movement. To add a degree of difficulty stand on a step or board allowing your heels to lower further and increasing the range of motion for the movement. For great legs, don’t neglect your calves. Perform 30 repetitions, take a drink from your water bottle and go back to the beginning and perform the three exercises again.

These three exercises that you can complete in less than 15 minutes will help you develop longer leaner muscles and amazing sexy legs!

3 Simple Exercises For Sexy Legs That You Can Perform At Home