Top 10 Secrets About TRX Exercises

The TRX® suspension training system, short for Total Body Resistance Exercise, although more prevalent and accepted, is still relatively new to the fitness and training world. Suspension training uses a series of straps and your bodyweight and gravity to develop strength, balance and flexibility.

If you are still on the fence, and have yet to try TRX suspension training either individually or as part of a class, consider these benefits:


1. TRX provides the ultimate core workout. Every exercise requires you to stabilize your body which promotes core development and strength of your pelvis, abs, back and chest muscles.

2. Minimize training time while receiving a full body workout. You move immediately from one exercise to the next and can easily achieve a full body workout in 20 minutes or less.

3. Increase or decrease intensity by increasing or decreasing your distance from the anchor point.

4. Reduces training injuries. There is no impact, no heavy weights to injure toes, bones or tendons. Workouts are more effective and shorter, preventing overtraining and overuse injuries.

5. Excellent crossover or transitional training for runners and swimmers who need to add resistance training yet don’t want to go the usual gym and weight training route. The TRX is also excellent cross training for those who enjoy Pilates and Yoga.

6. Easy to adjust and adapt to your current fitness level whether rank beginner or seasoned pro.

7. Incorporates a cardio training effect into your workout. Similar to the way HIIT training burns calories and gets your heart pumping, TRX training works large muscle groups and requires only seconds to switch from one exercise to the next. This leads to a training effect similar to circuit training with similar health and fat burning benefits.

8. Never become bored with “the same old routine”. Choose from over 300 body weight exercises, most are demonstrated on the DVD provided. Hundreds more are available online as more instructors begin to embrace the suspension system.

9. Relatively inexpensive when compared with joining a gym or stocking a home gym with equipment. The TRX is a fraction of the cost of a good treadmill, stationary bike or bowflex.

10. Completely portable. The entire system fits in a small cinch bag and can be transported and used anyplace with a beam, tree or jungle gym from which to anchor the system, at home, your hotel room, the local park, or in your local gym. You can easily travel with your TRX as well, even overseas during a military deployment, one of the designers original requirements. The system weighs only 2 pounds!