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7 Full Body Bodybuilding Exercises For Women

Ladies, would you like to build a lean, sculpted and slender body? Consider following a bodybuilding program for women. The goal is a healthy and toned physique. A women’s full body bodybuilding workout targets the arms, legs, thighs, buttocks, chest…

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The Best Ways For Women To Add Muscle

Women seem drawn to cardio training but are reluctant to train with weights, which is unfortunate, as weight training has many benefits for women. Look Better – Resistance training strengthens, tones, shapes and sculpts muscles. Builds Strength – You will…

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Best Lower Body Workout Routine For Women

Looking for best, most effective workouts that target core, abdominal, thighs and butt? Try this 10-minute routine for a toned, firmed, tight upper body that you can do at home. Exercise 1: Targets core Exercise 2: Target core and abs Exercise 3: Targets butt…

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9 Easy Cardio Fat-Burning Workouts

Here are 9 easy yet effective Cardio workouts from which you can choose to Shed Body Fat in just 10 minutes! Perform each of the following exercises 3 times for 15-25 reps. Exercise 1: Jumping Jacks Exercise 2: Body weight Squats Exercise 3: Single Leg Squats…

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9 Moves For A Perfect Lower Body

In today’s post I’d like to introduce 9 easy yet effective exercises for butts, legs and even core Complete 30 reps for each of the following exercises,  rest 15 – 30 seconds and start again. Complete a total of 3-5 circuits. Exercise…

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