Top 5 Exercises To Get Rid Of Period Pains And Cramps

You won’t have to experience the agony of menstrual cramps anymore

Menstrual cramps can be a horrible experience. Majority of the women suffers from acute cramps and pain during their periods. Sometimes the cramps become so severe that pain killers become the only solution. But, the painful periods with the agonizing cramps can be eliminated if regular exercises are practiced. There are certain exercises that can give relief to the period pain. Let us get into the details of it.

Top 5 exercises to get rid of period pains and cramps




Swimming is considered as a versatile workout regime for your entire body. In case, you suffer from severe menstrual cramps and pains, it is advisable to start practicing swimming on a daily basis. It not only helps you to burn calories and tone your arms, legs and abdominal, but is also extremely beneficial for eliminating the period pain.

Breathing exercise


It might seem that you are simply sitting and breathing, but the correct inhalation and exhalation of air is beneficial for your entire body. Breathing exercises are known to slow down your body and provide relaxation. You simply need to get in a comfortable sitting position and take deep breathe and let it out slowly. You also have the option of modifying it by exhaling as much as possible or repeating the maximum numbers.



Sit-up is an excellent exercise that targets your abdominal muscles. The workout regime has been known to trim down the waistlines. But, because of the release of beta-endorphins in your body, which acts as the morphine or opioids helps in the elimination of the menstrual cramps. Hence, it is suggested to every woman and young girls to execute sit-ups in their workout routine.

Aerobic exercises

Regular jogging can help you to keep the period pain at bay. In fact, you can try out other types of aerobic exercises as well for at least thirty minutes every day. If you have a tight schedule, doing the workout routines, 3 times a week will also be beneficial.


Some of the other workout routines that you can try out are:

  • Dancing
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Playing sports like football, basketball, baseball etc.



According to the study conducted by the researchers of Department of Midwifery at Islamic Azad University, yoga can be of immense help for period cramps. Some of the yoga postures like the fish pose, cat pose and the cobra pose can dramatically reduce the severity of the cramps and the pains.

Make sure you practice an active lifestyle with different types of workout regime to alleviate the mistrial cramps.