Top 5 Exercises To Get Rid Of The Bat Wings

Have you been avoiding all your tank tops and sleeveless clothes recently? The excess weight on your arms and back have given you the dreaded bat wings that make your entire appearance ugly. You can tone up your arm and back muscles with the help of simple exercises and wear the tank tops once again. Let us have a look at the most effective exercises to eliminate the bat wings.


1. Triceps pushups


You need to be in the plank position either on your feet or knees. Place your hands under the chest directly and form a triangle with your fingers by turning your hands inward. Make sure you lower your body slowly to the floor, keeping the body in a straight line and your core muscles intact. Push yourself back into the plank position, crushing the rear side of your mid back and arms and your shoulders away from your ears. You must repeat it at least 10 to 15 times a day.

2. Triceps Lift

You need a dumbbell in order to execute the exercise. Hold the dumbbell in your right hand and stand in a split position with your left foot placed forward. Bend your left knee along with your lower torso until they are parallel to the ground. Keep your leg in the rear position, straight and facing the shoulders forward. Lift your right arms to the shoulder height, pointing the dumbbell to the ceiling. Keep your arms straight and repeat the movement at least 25 times.

3. Chest hug

This is a multitasking exercise that also provides a flatter belly and a defined cleavage line. You need to lie face up on the floor with your knees bent together and the feet flat on the floor. Carry dumbbells in each hand and make sure the arms are straight out from your shoulders. It is important to keep your arms above the ground, with your palms facing up. Make sure you draw the knees close to your chest and also bring the arms together. Simultaneously, you have to lift your head and shoulders as well.

4. Triceps extension


Hold a dumbbell with both your hands overhead and move your shoulders down and back. Keep your elbows pointed forward and bend them, allowing the weight to lower down back. Keep your core muscles engaged and repeat it at least 20 times.

5. Side Plank Dumbbell raises


You need to grab a dumbbell with your right hand and do a side plank position with your left elbow and vice-versa. This exercise is beneficial for eliminating the bat wings and also provide you with a strong core.

Try out the above mentioned exercises and get rid of bat wings within a few days.