5 Best Exercises To Lose Weight While Menstruating

You were on your perfect diet and exercise plan to lose weight but that dreaded part of the month approached you. Yes, you just had your periods and now the cramps and the mood swings will not let you go on with your workout routine.

The worst part is that not being able to continue with the exercises is making you sadder because during the periods your body becomes bloated and you tend to be more hungry. Do not let your 23 days of hard work go to waste because of these 7 days.

Let me suggest you some easy and lighter exercises that will help you in continuing to lose weight even during these difficult days of the month.


1. Go for a morning or evening walk

Go for a morning or evening walk

Even the experts say that a walk is actually beneficial for your health during the periods. In reality, this light walking will not actually cause you to lose any significant amount of weight or burn a lot of calories but you will be satisfied that you are walking. You will feel good about yourself and a bit more or less will not become that problematic for you.

2. Head to the gym for some aerobics:

Head to the gym for some aerobics

You are already experiencing craziness to a great extent when you are on your periods, so why not become a bit more crazy by going to the aerobics classes? The biggest advantage of aerobics classes is that they have a low-pressure environment and are all about fun but still you get to lose some weight.

3. Planking can do the trick:

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While watching a classic movie or preparing your favorite meal, you can always go down on the floor and practice the plank position. You just have to put down your arms and elbows under your chest and raise your body on your forearms and toes, and hold. Come back during the breaks to this easy and weight reducing exercise.

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4. Relax through Yoga:


Yoga can always be customized according to your needs and capacity. If you feel like doing a headstand then go for it and if you feel that only a few easy moves are enough for the day, then feel free to be your own boss.

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5. Dance on your favorite tunes:

This is one of the easiest ways to let out your period stress and go on with your workout routine. Turn up the volume of the speakers and dance like nobody’s watching. You might need a little motivation to spat out the craziness in you but once you get started, you will start feeling great and enjoying all the fun.

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Last Thoughts

My advice to you would be not to use your period as an excuse to find an escape from the exercises but do listen to your body. Go to the extent which it allows and if you think even a little workout is becoming unbearable for you then stop right there because at the end of the day, nothing is more important than your health.

Lose Weight While Menstruating 5 Best Exercises