7-day Diet Plan: Get Rid Of Those Extra Pounds In 7 Days Only

Is the office party or the college prom just around the corner and all you need is to fit into your favorite dress? For all those people who say that it is impossible for you to do so, give them a nice answer by proving them wrong and wearing that very dress to the party.

Are you thinking how will that be possible? It is quite simple actually. Just follow this 7-day diet plan and you will be putting a lot of people to shame by flaunting those magnificent curves.

DAY 1:

This is the day when you are free to eat any kind of fruit except for bananas (save them for day 4). Take out your love for apples, watermelon, or any citrus fruit and start your 7-day workout session by indulging in some of your favorite fruits.

You can also go with juices and fruit beverages but make sure that the nutritional value of all these fruits is retained.


DAY 2:

Today is the veggie day! Whether you like them or not but you have to eat all the vegetables. The only choice that you are given is that either you can go with boiling them or consume them in the form of salads and the only dressing which is allowed is of salt and pepper.

DAY 3:

Well if you really did not like the vegetable day then you’ll be okay with this one because you will be eating a combination fruits with vegetables today. Also, during the whole diet, you have to make sure that you are getting enough sleep.

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DAY 4:

The great news is that you are halfway through your diet plan but now it will become tougher to stick to it. Eat the bananas that you have been saving since day 1 and consume a lot of milk.

Do not even think of going with a banana milkshake especially the one which has sugar in it. Low-calorie soup is the highlight of today.

DAY 5:

Are you feeling a bit lighter than before? If yes, then it’s a great sign. Your diet plan today will comprise of fruits, vegetables, and rice with tomatoes being the star component.

Tomatoes actually help in the chemical breakdown and are a key to losing weight rapidly.

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DAY 6:

You can eat rice along with the salads and soup that you made on day 2 and day 4 respectively. Keep your motivation high as this is the second last day of your tough routine.

DAY 7:

Today, you will stick to the diet plan of day 6. Keep reminding yourself that it is the last day to achieve your goal so you have to give it your best shot.

You are ready to step on the scale today after one whole week and see for yourself the unimaginable effects that this diet plan has brought to your body. Make sure that the fruits and vegetables are fresh and everything else is entirely homemade.

You have to strictly stick to the diet plan in order to obtain favorable results, no cheating is allowed. It is the quickest and the safest way to reduce weight and to be a star in any kind of gathering.