Belly Fat Is Your Worst Enemy – Read 5 Ways to Defeat It with 5 Reasons

Your body is your home, with a lot of scars, tragedies, and countless stories.

Everyone has belly fat, even those who have flat abs; that’s normal. But too much belly fat cause serious problems may even risk your healthy life.

Some fats are inside the body, but some fats are deeper inside the body may be around heart, lungs and other organs which may cause:

  1. Heart problems
  2. Blood pressure problems
  3. Breathing problems etc.

Belly fat is a serious problem, especially in women. An expanding waistline sometimes considered as the price of getting older but in women especially after menopause, when body fat tends to shift to the abdomen.


Let’s find out the reasons you should be aware of about the belly fat and how to get rid of it:

5 Reasons of Fat Belly in women:

There are many reasons for belly fat in women some are:

  1. Menopause: Menopause is one of the major cause of belly fat in women. It is unavoidable. Usually, women tend to gain fat around their abdomen due to changes in their hormones.
  2. Stress: Research has shown that belly fat can result from stress. In the time of mental or physical stress, our body releases a hormone called cortisol.
  3. Excess use of soda: Excess use of sugary soda can also lead to belly fat Because it contains many empty calories, which is a diet disaster.
  4. Lack of Sleep: One of the major reason will be a lack of sleep. Most of the women due to heavy daily work at home or in offices are not able to get enough sleep.
  5. Too much drinking: Too much drinking can increase your appetite which may cause an increase in your belly fat.


5 Tips To Reduce Belly Fat in Women:

  1. Never stop moving: Daily exercise and running can help to reduce belly fat. Jogging–swimming—walking are the best ways to reduce unwanted fat. Duke University found that jogging 12 miles is enough to melt belly fat.
  2. Use of more fiber food: Fiber food help to maintain your weight and help to lose your weight gradually.
  3. Reduce your stress level: It is scientifically proven that stress increases your fat. To help reduce belly fat engage yourself in yoga or meditation.
  4. Avoid sugar-sweetened beverages: These beverages are loaded with fructose, which may gain you belly fat.
  5. Drink green tea: It contains caffeine, and the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate which several studies suggest can be effective for losing belly fat.