6+ Evidence-based Exercises To Get Rid Of Fatty Belly Pouch


If you want to get rid of fat belly pouch and get flat abs, we’ve got the 6+ best effective workout routines, which can be done even at home.

Are you tired of having a little belly pouch that looks like you’re five months pregnant? Does it make you self-conscious about your body image? Do you have trouble finding clothes that fit properly?

I know what you feel, because I’ve been there. Or maybe you’re content with your body, but still want to be more toned, maybe even lose a few pounds and get rid of that excess belly fat that doesn’t seem to want to go away regardless of how much exercise or discipline you put in. If so, read on as we take an in-depth look at six evidence-based exercises to get rid of fatty belly pouch.

First of all, the best way to use these exercises to get rid of your belly fat is gradual. You have to work out a lot to change your body, you need to be consistent and do it regularly. I suggest you do each exercise every day, three times a week should be enough to get rid of your love handles in 3 weeks or less.

As for nutrition, you should eat as healthy as possible: lots of green vegetables, berries, whole grains, and low-carb proteins. Exercises are a great way to lose belly fat naturally and in 3 weeks you will notice noticeable results if you follow my recommendation.

Let’s get started.

1. 90-degree static press

The 90-degree static press is a highly effective exercise for building upper-body strength that can be done virtually anywhere. This movement requires minimal equipment and will help you develop your chest, shoulders, arms, and core.

If you can’t do 90 degrees, don’t worry! Just go as far as you can until you feel like you’re going to lose your form and then stop. The goal is to work yourself up to being able to do slower, more controlled negatives in the future.

Here’s how to do the 90-degree static press:

  • Lie down with your face up and bend your knees and hips to attend to your arms at a 90-degree angle.
  • Ext placing both palms on your thighs. Take a deep breath and while exhaling, brace your abs in and press your lower back against the floor.
  • Also, press your hands against your thighs.

2. U-boat

The U-Boat exercise is a functional exercise that provides benefits for the entire body by strengthening the muscles of the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. These muscles are essential for performing everyday tasks as well as for athletic performance. The U-Boat also improves core strength and stability.

The U-Boat exercise is similar to the plank but adds an element of instability by attaching a resistance band around your feet or ankles.

Sit on the floor with your knees bent such that your feet are flat on the ground. Now lean your body backward on your arms with your back still lifted. Now brace your abs and raise your legs at a 90-degree angle. Slowly lean your legs to the left and then lift them back again to lean towards the right.

Tip: Focus on keeping your core tight throughout the movement.

3. Resisted single leg stretch

Resisted single leg stretch

The single-leg stretch is a stable, abdominal exercise that targets the rectus abdominis and the obliques. It also works to strengthen the abdominals while engaging the leg muscles.

The single-leg stretch requires great balance and stability, so it may take a few tries to be able to do it successfully.

Lay down facing upwards bending both knees into the chest. Place your fingers on top of your right thigh extending your left leg and making it parallel to the floor. Raise your shoulders and head. Now curl your body over the top of your rib cage. Press your palms on your right thigh. Meanwhile, tip your pelvis bringing your right knee inwards to your chest. Switch legs and repeat the same with your left leg now.

4. Reverse plank

Reverse plank hover

A reverse plank is a great way to activate your back, glutes and core. This exercise is amazing at targeting those stubborn lower back muscles that get neglected during most workouts. We all know the importance of working out your posterior chain, so get yourself into this position and blast your back!

Sit on the floor and extend your legs placing your hands on the sides of your hips. Brace your abs tightly and pressing your hands on the floor try to lift your hip a few inches above the floor. Now bend your knees a little. Breathe in and scoop your abs inwards deeper to your back. Exhale while extending your legs fully. Try pushing your hips slightly behind your shoulders. Now return to the position you started with.

Learn how to do a proper reverse plank:

5. Inching elbow plank

Inching elbow plank

Start with an elbow plank position. Move your left foot towards your hands beginning to lift up your hips. Now quickly take another step but with your right foot this time. Try lifting your hips a bit more. Rest this once again to make your hips a little more lifted. Then gradually inch backward to lower your hips to the position you began with.

6. Criss-cross lift and stitch

Cris cross lift and stitch

Lie down on your back placing your arms on your sides. Extend your legs upwards, your foot sole facing the ceiling. Brace your abs inwards tightly and inhale while lowering your legs at a 45-degree angle. Exhale while bringing your legs back and then lifting them over your head. Press down with your arms and try to lift your hips and back off the floor. Now slowly return to your initial position.

Doing up to 3 sets each of 10 repetitions for 3 4 non-consecutive days in a week will prove highly beneficial to losing the fatty belly pouch.


While there are tons of solutions out there that “crush fat” and make you feel as if you will slip into a different body shape almost overnight, not all of them can bring in the much-needed result. This makes us realize that to get rid of abdominal fat, one needs to be diligent and put in consistent effort. The exercises listed above are sure to help you get rid of that stubborn belly fat.
You Can Now Get Rid Of Fatty Belly Pouch