7 Reasons Why Women Should Start Strength Training

Women are finally accepting the fact that strength training is a powerful tool for use in the battle against body fat. They are no longer afraid of dumbbells and barbells. They realize now that weight training will not build unsightly musclebound bodies, but will provide a lean, firm and shapely figure.

Women have much to gain from strength training, here are seven reasons you should start:


1. Balance and symmetry

Standing Military Press

You can adjust your training to balance areas that need to grow and those that you need to reduce. You can choose specific exercises for specific muscle groups, as an example, if you have skinny arms, you can perform exercises specific to strengthening and toning that problem area.

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2. Increased bone mass


As women age, bone density declines, the rate of this decline increases after menopause. Regardless of your age, 18 or 80, lifting weights will increase bone strength and mass (density) and help prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures.

3. Balance and stability


A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that strength training of elderly (60+) participants improved their sense of balance and proprioception, their innate sense of space, motion and equilibrium, reducing the risk of falls. You can start this training much sooner than age 60 and become more steady and balanced. Training with an inflatable stability ball will enhance the effectiveness of training.

4. Increased lean muscle


Proper strength training combined with a supporting healthy diet will build lean muscle tissue and tone existing muscles. Your body will become slimmer and more defined. You may notice this change on the scale first, as you lose body fat and gain lean muscle tissue you will look and feel lighter and stronger, but your weight may stay the same. You will soon see positive changes in the mirror and the waistband of your clothing.

5. Increased fat loss


Strength and weight training burns calories during and after your workout, helping promote fat loss. In addition, as you become leaner (more muscle to fat ratio) your body will use up an additional 35-50 calories every day to support each pound of new lean muscle. Five pounds of new muscle could burn up 250 calories every day.

6. Increased stamina, energy and endurance


Strength training workouts increase your body’s ability to adapt and overcome. Your training will boost your stamina, energy and endurance and you will be able to sail through the demands of your day with energy left over at the end of the day.

7. Increased confidence and self-esteem

Squats With Barbell

You will be leaner, healthier and happier. You will stand taller and straighter and present yourself as more confident and able to overcome challenges and be more will to accept new challenges.

Fat reduction, increased lean muscle, look better while helping you feel good and building your confidence and maintaining a healthy self-esteem. With all these benefits, it’s not surprising that women are interested in strength training.

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