Beginner Glute Bridge Guide And Variations

A sexy butt is something we all want but working out for it is not something we all are ready to put our efforts in. apart from the effort requires, another factor that limits us and prevents us from getting a perfectly shaped glute is the lower back pain. Most of the exercises that focus on the glute make use of the lower back muscles. If the muscles there are not strong, it is not possible for you to effectively workout for the body shape you want. The glute bridge is an exercise which is designed to tackle both the problems. It gives you the best of both the worlds: helps you get well-shaped glute all the while strengthening your lower back muscles.


3 Glute Bridge Variations:

There are a lot of variations that have been introduced to the glute bridge exercise to make it more effective. The basic glute bridge requires you to lay down on the floor and elevate your hips without moving your head or toes, with your feet hips apart and elbows on the floor.

1. Do it in reps:

Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose)

doing this in reps would turn it into a form of cardio and would further work to strengthen the lower back muscles. Move your glutes up and down in reps and hold them together when you bring them up and slowly lower them to the ground. Make sure your feet are not joined, and you do not move your elbows as you do so.

2. Leg raise:

Raise your leg while you get in the glute bridge position. Make sure that the leg is as straight in the air as you can possibly do and the other foot doesn’t leave the ground during this. Repeat this with both the legs.

3. Bench:

Instead of having your feet on the ground, place them on the bench while you get in the glute bridge form.

4. Toes touching the ground:


Instead of having the complete foot on the ground, do it with your toes touching the ground only. This can also be done with the heels touching the ground only.

With glutes, there is a lot you can do. Just make sure that you do it with precision so that you do not end up pulling or damaging your hamstrings during the process. With these variations, you would not be getting bored even if you do the same exercise time after time.

Beginner Glute Bridge Guide And Variations