5 Stretch Moves To Instantly Relieve Back Pain

Back pain is a common predicament that we all face at one time or the other, either from sitting or sometimes walking for long hours. Whatever the reason for back pain it can be extremely discomforting and you need relief as soon as possible. Rather than lay in bed or even worse sit some more, you can perform some stretch moves that will relieve you of the ache or stiffness.

What happens in back pain is that the spine faces distress from inflammation, pressure, and instability that reflect as pain and soreness. Regular stretching counteracts this by enhancing flexibility around your joints and strengthening your back muscles, which increases your range of movement and reduces the risk of further injury. Here are five stretch moves that can instantly begin to relieve your back pain.


Modified Cobra


To do the modified cobra stretch, lay face down and extend your entire body on the ground. Then lift the upper part of your body by placing your palms flat and pressing gently against the floor while raising your head to gaze forward. Throughout this exercise ensure that your arms are fully extended as they push against the ground, and your lower body remains flat on the floor. Hold the stretched out position for 10 seconds and repeat the move slowly and at your comfort level four or five times.

Knee to chest


This is a simple stretch move that is regularly used in yoga because of its effectiveness in increasing joint fluidity. To perform this stretch, lie flat on your back and lift one leg bringing it towards your chest till you feel tightness. Hold that position for 20 seconds then release, repeat the move with your opposite leg, and continue this at least three times.

Child’s pose


To do this pose, place yourself on the floor on your hands and knees in a bowing position. You should be bent over with your arms stretched over your head, while you sit on your legs with your knees tucked into your body. Once you have achieved a comfortable position, hold it for a few seconds, and repeat the pose a couple more times.

Forward Bend

Upper back stretch

This is an excellent move to reduce tension on your lower back instantly. To perform this stretch move, stand up placing your feet together. Bend forward from your hips, not your back. Now put your hands on the floor in front of you or next to your feet, breathe in and out gently and keep your gaze directed forward. Repeat this position three or four times slowly and within your comfort zone.

Hamstring stretch


This is one of the easiest moves you can do by yourself to begin relieving back discomfort. Simply lay on your back, lift one leg up and interlock your fingers around the hamstring of that leg keeping it as straight as possible. Your other leg should be raised at the knee with its feet placed flat on the floor. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds, and switch legs. Repeat three to four times always keeping it within your comfort zone. You should only feel tension and not discomfort from any of the stretch move you attempt.