Reasons To Have An Upper-Body Stretching Routine

To live a healthy life, it is important that our muscles are strong and working even after years have gone by. One of the best ways to ensure that is to keep the muscles groups involved in many stretching exercises that would keep them working and would also ensure their flexibility. This is not only something which is of crucial importance for the elderly. Involving muscles for stretching exercises is something every young person should do as well. It is something which will not take more than a few minutes of their time but would have benefits that would last for years to come.

Having flexible upper body muscles means that muscles are not weak or short. This allows for greater mobility and helps relax the muscles that are tight.  These exercises can be prescribed by physicians as well owing to some physical condition the person might be suffering from. It is always advised to make stretching compulsory before starting a workout. It will help prepare the muscles for the workout regime as well.


Examples Of Exercises:

Some of the common exercises you can do for your upper body have been discussed below.

1. Side stretch:

Iliotibial stretch

It would require you to sit up straight on a chair and look ahead straight with your chin slightly bent down. Relax your neck and tilt your neck a little to the right. Hold in the posture for 20 seconds before returning to the rest phase. Repeat for the left side too.

2. Head Tilt


Stand straight and relax your muscles. Keep your head steady and bend it forward. Rest it there for some seconds and then tilt your head back. Make sure your movements are steady so that you do not end up hurting your head.

3. Arm and shoulder stretch


There are a lot of ways to do that with the most common one being where you bring your elbow to the front of the chest using your other hand and stretching it. This helps work on the arms and shoulder muscles at the same time. This is to be done with both the arms.

Learn More:

These are just some of the many exercises that can be made a part of your upper body stretch routine. Make sure you discuss it with your doctor to get an expert opinion on the kinds of exercises you can do and how frequently you should be doing them.

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