The 5 Best Warm Up Exercises To Get You Ready For Your Workout

As most of us are well aware of, warm up exercises are a pivotal aspect of our workout routine, as they allow us to get loose and get limber. Otherwise, women leave themselves open to a number of different injuries and ailments. Great warm up routines also serve to maximize the benefits of the workout, so be sure to read on and learn more.


1. Focus on Dynamic Movements

Lunges With Dumbbells

There are a number of dynamic movements that a woman can use to get herself warmed up for her next workout routine. You can do arm circles, forward lunges, lateral squats and hand walks to begin this warm up exercise, before moving onto sets of 15 yard linear skips. For best results, you should be willing to do at least three sets. Add another three sets of Carioca (at least 15 yards apiece) to finish it off and you are fully ready to face the workout ahead.

2. Jumping Rope


Jumping rope is a fun exercise and while the vast majority remember it as a simple game from our childhood, it has a number of helpful effects on our workout performance. To get prepared for your next workout, all you need is an easy 5 minute stint of jumping rope. Maintain a brisk pace for best results and make sure that your heart rate quickens significantly. This an especially useful warm up exercise for women who do not have time for a lengthy workout and wish to get their heart rate and body temperate up beforehand.

3. Music and Jumping Jacks

Whatever exercise you choose, fitness experts recommend adding some of your favorite music to set the mood and get yourself pumped up. By setting your warm up to music, you are able to get more out of the exercise, even if it is something as simple as running in place or jumping jacks. By listening to music and jumping jacks at the same time. you strengthen your core and promote the blood flow.

4. Yoga Positions


To get yourself fully stretched for your workout, there a wide range of yoga positions that can be used to help you get the job done quickly and easily. The stretch that you should be using is known as the “world’s greatest stretch” and since it promotes the stimulation of all of your muscles and involves a number of different fluid movements, it is one of the best warm up exercises known to woman. The warrior pose and the downward facing dog pose are also highly effective when it comes to warming up.

5. Use a Medicine Ball


While we tend to ignore the medicine ball when we are at the gym, it is actually quite useful when it comes time to exercise. There are numerous full body exercises that utilize the medicine ball and allow you to get warmed up, so take a closer look and do some online research to find out more about which exercise suits your needs.