5 Great Cardio Workouts And Resistance Exercises To Eliminate Bra Bulge

Also known as bra fat, bra bulge refers to the under toned and flabby area between the armpits and chest. It is a common situation that affects women of every size and shape. Whether you are size XL or XS or you are a D-cup or A-cup, bra bulge can affect anyone.

Bear in mind that you will need to shed some extra weight to get expected results especially if you are overweight. Eating a healthy diet and embarking on certain exercises like walking and biking can help you achieve this feat. Also, ensure to wear the right bra that properly fits your body shape.

Here are 5 exercises that can help you get rid of bra bulge. These exercises are aimed at helping you sculpt strong, sexy shoulders and back while banishing the bra bulge.


Chest Flys


Lie on a bench or mat with your back and get hold of a 5 to 10 pound dumbbell in each hand. While straightening your arms (slightly bent elbows) and making your palms face each other, slowly raise the weights above your chest. While you slowly open the weights out to the sides with control, try to inhale from this position. Also, try to bring back the weights to their starting position and exhale as you engage your chest.

Bar Front Raises

Front Dumbbell Raises

With an overhand grip, grab a 6 to 15 pound dumbbell and stand with your feet shoulders- width apart and hands shoulders width apart. Avoid locking the elbows, be sure to jeep your arms as straight as possible. Raise the weighted bar above your shoulders, remember to exhale during the process. To complete the rep, gently lower the dumbbell back to starting position and inhale.

Push Ups

Sexy Upper Body Push ups

With your fingers facing forward, your wrists should underneath your shoulders directly and your palms on the floor, get into the plank position to get set for some push-ups. Between the top of your head and your heels, form a straight line with your body. Make sure to position your feet hip-width apart. While lowering your body in a straight line toward the ground, bend your elbows and keep a distance between your shoulders and your ears until your forehead almost touches the floor. Then extend your elbows and your body into your palms and return to the starting position.

Upright Rows


With an overhand grip, get hold of a 6 to 15 pound dumbbell and stand with your feet shoulders-width apart. Slowly life the dumbbells to shoulders-height, remember to exhale while bending your elbows out to do this. To complete the rep, gently lower the bar back to starting position and inhale.

Overhead Pullovers


Lie on a bench or mat with your back and grab a 5 – 10 dumbbell in each hand. With your palms facing your feet, hold the weights directly above your chest and extend both arms. Lower both weights toward the floor after raising them overhead from this position. Return to the starting position by raising the dumbbells and engaging your chest.