10 Things You NEED In YOUR Home Gym

The number one excuse for not working out – time. The best way to eliminate that excuse – exercise at HOME! Find a little used room, use the garage or dedicate some floor space specifically for exercise and training and then commit to using it!

You can spend thousands on a plush, color coordinated home gym with expensive machines and equipment or you can start with this list of inexpensive equipment and build from there.

Here are 10 relatively inexpensive things that you NEED in YOUR home gym:


1. Exercise mat


Start with a soft, washable foam exercise or yoga mat. It will save wear and tear on your hands, knees and butt as you train on the floor. Look for material that won’t absorb sweat and is easy to clean and store. You can complete an entire calorie burning full body bodyweight (or yoga) workout with just a mat.

2. Exercise ball


An inflatable exercise or stability ball can increase the difficulty of your training and requires the use of your core muscles to stabilize your body. An example would be push ups with your feet elevated on the ball.

3. Jump rope

Jump Rope

A jump rope or the more modern speed rope can provide a quick fat burning aerobic workout in short 3-5 minute bursts throughout your workout. More challenging than a treadmill or stationary bike at a fraction of the price and taking up no room.

4. Resistance bands

Shoulder Raises With Resistance Band

Need to add some resistance training but can’t afford weights? Start with stretchy rubber resistance bands. As you progress and grow stronger, add more bands.

5. Kettlebell

Squats With Kettlebell

Still can’t afford weights or dumbbells? Start with one moderate weight kettlebell. Do not underestimate the versatility of kettlebells, you can train your entire body with one, and if you combine bodyweight calisthenics you can develop a fat burning interval workout.

6. Clock or timer


To increase the intensity and effectiveness of your home workouts, perform exercises by time rather than counting repetitions. A large wall clock with a second hand or an inexpensive digital timer will make this Tabata training easier. Start with 30 second or one minute intervals for each exercise.

7. Mirror


While not required to exercise, a wall mounted or floor length mirror can motivate you and provide feedback regarding the proper (or improper) execution of your workout.

8. Pull-up bar

Hanging Leg Raises

A doorway mounted or wall mounted (or freestanding station) pull-up or chin up bar can add a challenging approach to training your entire upper body and give you a wider back and chest making your waist appear smaller.

9. Suspension trainer


A door or ceiling mounted suspension trainer uses straps and handles combined with your bodyweight as resistance to provide a full body workout.

10. Training log or journal


What training did you do last week? Was it effective? What did you eat, did you gain or lose weight? By tracking your fitness training and your diet and nutrition if you so choose, can help you identify what works and what you need to change to reach your weight and fitness goals. Goals that should be detailed in your journal!