Top 10 Fitness Trends Of 2017

Each New Year, several health and fitness organizations compile a list of the latest fitness trends. Here are the top ten:

1. Wearable Technology

New and increasingly affordable fitness trackers and heart rate monitors topped all the lists. These devices make it simple to measure steps or more advanced fitness data and biometrics including calories in and calories burned.

2. Fitness Apps

Combine online training, coaching and tracking with convenience and the ability to work toward your fitness goals anytime and anyplace.

3. Streaming Fitness

More and more fitness enthusiasts are receiving their fitness training in the same way they watch movies and “television” by streaming them online. Yoga, fitness classes, most any type of training that was once only available at the gym or later on DVD, is available to stream through your computer, tablet, or smart TV.

Wearable Technology Apple Watch

4. Boomer Fitness

Fitness programs developed for “older” adults continue to be in demand as the Baby Boomers continue to grow in number. Most boomers are now retired and have more free time available for exercise and fitness. More gyms and fitness centers are beginning to realize the need for programs tailored to an aging population.

5. Functional Fitness

Functional training develops real world strength, the kind that helps move furniture, lift and load groceries, or carry your child or grandchild. Functional training improves your coordination, balance, and endurance and enhances your ability to perform normal daily activities. This trend has appeared on every annual list since 2007. Functional fitness is also often used in rehabilitation and promotes independent living for older adults.

6. Mixed Format Classes

Combining strength training with cardio, what started with CrossFit, now includes programs like Orangetheory Fitness and similar intense programs.7

7. Health and Wellness Coaching

Health and wellness coaching focuses on the mental aspects of fitness and wellness, the first being goal-setting. Wellness coaches provide support to clients who want to meet their fitness goals. Goals like participating in rehabilitation or disease prevention.

8. Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is a form of self massage that provides self-myofascial release (SMR), the releasing and relaxing of trigger points, places where the covering of the muscle (myofascia) is adhering (sticking) to the underlying muscle tissue.


9. Workplace Fitness

As sitting is now considered the “new smoking”, taking active breaks and increasing activity at work becomes more important. Many employers are implementing lunch time and after work fitness and wellness programs to ensure the health of their employees.

10. Exercise as Medicine

Medicine is finally taking a more holistic approach to health and fitness and encouraging primary care physicians and similar health care providers to include nutrition and physical fitness activity when prescribing treatment plans for patients and then referring those patients to exercise and fitness professionals.

Top 10 Fitness Trends Of 2017