Tone Your Inner Thighs With These 5 Easy Exercises

Thighs are a problematic area for most people struggle to tone up. Many exercises can help shape your inner and outer thighs. They help to tone the thighs or firm them up. This way you can wear the short skirt and look good in your pencil skirt or bikini. Here are some exercises that target inner and outer thighs.


1. Squat exercise with a ball

Squat exercise with a ball

The Squat is a good exercise for your thighs. It is a great exercise to keep away those flabs and can be done on a regular basis.

Just place an exercise ball between the curve of your lower back and the wall. Then stand with your feet apart. Lower yourself by bending the knees. Keep the shoulder and hips in a square shape. Do about 6 of these reps and push you to do 10. Rest for a minute and continue with another set.

2. Single leg exercise

Single leg exercise

This is another exercise that can help to sculpt your thighs.

Lie on your back and keep your arms by your side and let your palms face down. Point your right foot as if you are trying to touch the ceiling with the roof. Rotate your leg in a circular shape as if you are trying to write an O. Repeat the same in counter clockwise direction. Keep the left leg still on the floor and perform the same exercise with your other leg. Switch the leg and do about 6 sets of the same with both legs.

3. Squat stretch with chairs

Squat stretch with chairs

Another simple exercise that can help shapes your thighs. Stand in front of a chair. Keep your behind you and press the palms on your chair. Squat 5 times slowly. Take a break for few seconds and repeat a second set.

4. Lunges with dumbbells

Lunges with dumbbells

Stand with your feet at hip width apart. Hold a pair of dumbbells at arm’s length with palm facing each other. Keep an upright posture with chest up and shoulder blades down and back. Lower your body such that your front thigh is parallel to the floor. Let the other knee touch the floor and shin must be placed perpendicular to the floor. Pause for few seconds and slowly move to the starting position. Do 6 reps on the right side and repeat the same with your left side.

5. Outer thigh stretch:

Stand behind a chair. Hold the chair. Stand on the ball of the right foot and lift your left leg. Keep your legs across while doing this exercise. Swing it out with toes flexed and toes stretched outward. Keep your hips facing forward and swing your left leg. Do 6 reps and perform the same with the other.

Tone Your Inner Thighs With 5 Easy Workouts