Exercises To Avoid During Your Period

Working out during your period is a good thing, because exercise helps relieve period-related anxiety, fatigue, or headaches.

Most of the moves in YOGA are also fine to do when you have your period. It’s the ones where you basically stand on your head that is the issue. These inverted poses include the three problem moves: shoulder stands, headstands, and the plow pose.

These poses should be avoided during menstruation due to the theory called vascular congestion in the uterus, which results in excessive menstrual flow. Standing on your head engorges your blood vessels in your uterus, which makes you bleed more, causing more cramps.


Focus on other kinds of exercises during your period, and if you insist on yoga, keep your head off the ground. Which should be pretty easy, considering you probably feel like it’s in the clouds already, anyway.

Exercise is often recommended to relieve symptoms related to menstruation, including cramps, lower back pain, water retention, irritability and discomfort. Continuing regular practice of most Yoga poses, cardiovascular activity and weight training can help improve your menstruation experience and shorten the duration of symptoms.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardio exercise is highly recommended during both the premenstrual and menstrual cycle. If you already have an effective cardiovascular routine that you follow, there is no reason to alter it. If you exercise intermittently or have an issue with significant cramps or back pain, switch to low-impact cardio exercises like swimming, walking, elliptical training and similar workout choices.

The benefits of exercise far outweigh the risks

Exercise prior to or during your period will:

  1. Improve your mood.
  2. Increase circulation and relieve cramps.
  3. Reduce fatigue and headaches.
  4. Regulate irregular periods naturally.

Exercise helps reduce annoying period-related symptoms. It may seem like the last thing you want to do when you are on your period, but exercise and working out can help relieve the symptoms related to your period that is so annoying in the first place. The more active you are and the more regular you are with your exercise, the better your periods end up being, with less cramping, land an ess heavy flow.

If you physically and emotionally feel like working out during your period there is nothing that should stop you. Use exercise and physical activity to combat your period problems such as PMS, menstrual cramps or tiredness. They key is to get up and get moving in a way that releases endorphins and increases your feeling of well-being.