Winter Workout Plan 2016

It’s cold outside and it’s hard to get motivated and stay motivated as winter sets in. It’s tough to workout during the long dark Winter months, but if you make the effort, your health and attitude will improve and you’ll be ready for bathing suit season in the Spring.

Here are some options to consider when planning those positive Winter workouts:


  • Move it inside. If you can afford to, join a gym. Take advantage of all they offer, group classes, spin classes, indoor bootcamps, jog laps on the indoor track or swim laps in the indoor pool. If you can’t afford the gym, set aside a room or space at home to workout.
  • Sign up for class. Sign up for Pilates, Yoga or any available dance or fitness program.
  • Winter sports. Have fun as you exercise on ice skates, skis, sleds or playing hockey. All of these activities burn lots of calories and allow you to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Join a boxing gym. Or build your own in the garage or basement, starting with only a jump rope and hand wraps. Later, add a medicine ball, heavy bag, and speed bag.
  • Martial arts class. Use the Winter months to learn self-defense as you get fit and lose weight or maintain your current weight.
  • Fitness Equipment. Check out garage sales and online local sales for your own treadmill, stair climber, exercise bike or rowing machine. You can find excellent fitness equipment for pennies on the dollar and use it to reach your Winter fitness goals at home. Park your new purchase where you will use it.
  • Add a room. Convert a space, or room if you have one available, to a media/fitness/yoga or meditation space. Mount a flat screen, throw down a mat and use the space for yoga or follow along with fitness DVDs or online classes.
  • Be accountable. To increase your participation and your “follow through” rate, join a group, club or have a partner to hold you accountable for exercising.
  • Join a team. Hockey, basketball, indoor soccer, dodgeball, or any similar Winter team sport or activity. Something fun and active that you look forward to participating in.

Venture outdoors. It is possible to train outdoors in Winter, you just have to make the right adjustments. Bundle up and layer up, start with your thinnest layers, then midweight and heavyweight. Wear a thin sock under your thick socks to wick moisture and keep your feet warm and dry. You’ll also need gloves and a hat, keeping your head and hands warm will keep your whole body warmer.

Hydrate. Exercising in the winter still causes you to sweat, drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.