Fall Workout Plan 2016

As Fall approaches, leaves are changing colors, the weather is turning cooler and the kids are back in school. Cooler, darker earlier and everything is changing, a good time to develop a Fall Workout Plan to maintain your health and fitness as you move indoors, to create new habits for the holiday season and the winter months.

Planning Your Fall Workout Plan


Enjoy the weather


Take advantage of those outdoor activities while it’s neither too hot or too cold. Activities like kayaking or canoeing, hunting and fishing, hiking mountain trails, in-line skating, weekend 5K runs or biking outings. Once the snow hits, add cross country skiing or snowshoeing.

Try New Things!

Take advantage of shorter daylight and enroll in yoga, fitness classes, dance, boxing, or martial arts. Find out what classes your gym or community center offers and sign up.

Fit In Fitness!

As the kids have more school and after school activities, why not increase your activity level while they practice and you would normally sit and wait. Walk around the practice field gym or neighborhood, band with other soccer parents and walk or jog or exercise in a group.


Pamper Yourself!

While the kids are at school or otherwise engaged, schedule a massage, a spa day or yoga or meditation classes.

The 21 Day Rule!

Remember that it takes a minimum of 21 days to break an old bad habit and the same to start a new habit. Stick with your new Fall Workout Plan for at least 21-30 days until it becomes routine.

Set Fall Goals!

Fall is the ideal time to start training for a Holiday 5K or to get the family in shape before the holidays set in. Set additional short term goals to maintain that weight during the approaching holiday season.

Add Variety!

You Fall workout Plan should include a variety of options to keep you engaged, consider choices like these:

  • Cardio, Legs and Arms alternating with Cardio, Arms, and Abs
  • Legs and Booty alternating with Full Body or Arms and Core
  • Machine Day (elliptical, treadmill, bike) alternating with Plyometrics Day
  • Total Body Weights followed by Rest Day and then Total Body Bodyweight Day
  • Push Day alternating with Pull Day
  • Bootcamp Day alternating with Yoga Retreat Day
  • Infomercial Workouts – Alternating days of those DVDs you never used
  • Fitness Boxing Day alternating with Kettlebell Day

To plan a healthy and fun Fall Workout Plan 2016, get outdoors more, try new things, pamper yourself, set achievable and realistic goals, and add variety to your training.