The Best Workout For A Lazy Girl To Burn Fat Fast

Looking for a workout that doesn’t require a whole lot of work? Or even a gym? Here are six approaches to fitness and fat burning that any lazy girl can use to burn fat without breaking a sweat!


1. Walk it off


Walking is an excellent low impact, easy access and cheap approach to fitness and weight loss. Walking increases cardiovascular fitness, and a regular brisk walk can strengthen your leg and ab muscles while giving you a toned butt. Walk more, walk every chance you get to lose weight, reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other chronic illness. Start moving and keep moving!

2. Dance, Dance, and more Dance

Pole dancing

Why not have fun while you burn calories? Dancing as exercise will bring out your creative side, make you feel younger, increase your sociability, may even rekindle romance all while giving you a fabulous mind and body. The best thing about dancing as exercise is that it tones the entire body rather than concentrating on one specific area. You can adjust the “intensity” of dancing by increasing or decreasing the tempo.

3. Baller TV


Love your TV? Get an inflatable fitness ball, also known as a “Swiss” or “stability” ball and use it to replace every chair in your home. Sit on the ball at your desk and in front of the television. Sitting on the fitness ball will strengthen your core muscles and improve your balance as it requires you to stabilize and balance your body, and it requires a lot of stabilizing muscles to NOT fall off! For added intensity and calorie burn, try standing, jumping, squatting and doing some crunches and stretches during the commercials.

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4. Chores


Chores like cleaning, vacuuming, laundry and similar activities are generally very dull. But with the right approach and attitude, they can do wonders for your fitness program and lazy girl workout. Every little physical activity helps burn calories and fat, plus you’ll end up with a clean and organized house while you get a workout.

5. Pool Party

Pool Party

Get wet, cool off and have fun as you “exercise” in the pool. Plus the water in the pool provides both support and resistance as you splash around. This resistance of the water tones your major muscles and boosts the cardio training effect. It also supports your weight, making workouts easier on joints and reducing injury. Water exercises may seem more play than work, but burn considerable calories. Just treading water vigorously can burn 11 calories a minute, the same as a 6 mile per hour jog. Stick to the shallow end and try walking, running and splashing for great fun and seemingly effortless exercise.

6. Exercise In the Office


Find ways to incorporate exercise into your office routine. Stand when answering the phone, take the longest path to the restroom or break room, use the stairs and never the elevator. Do butt clenches to tone your butt as you type emails. Concentrate on sitting up straight and pulling your belly button in, do leg stretches in your chair while working at your desk. Find creative ways to break that lazy, sedentary pattern associated with office work.

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The Best Workout For A Lazy Girl To Burn Fat Fast