5 Best Exercises To Get Tight Glutes

If it is tight and well-shaped glutes that you have always been after then there are a few things you need to establish first. You might end up losing weight, but that doesn’t mean you will get the butt that you need. For that, you would be required to go an extra mile. Simply running on the treadmill or sweating over cardio is not going to make it happen for you.


Things to remember:

When training for the glutes, there are some certain things you need to remember.

  • Working out for a tight glute is similar to working for any other part of the body. You will have to lose the fat and make the blood flow towards the specified blood groups to give them their shape.
  • Sprints cannot get you good butts especially when you are not consuming enough calories to meet your body’s needs.
  • Keep it simple. Instead of going after fancy exercises, keep it simple and try to focus on the target muscle groups only.

5 Exercises To Give You Tight Glutes:

So here are some exercises that have proven to be effective in giving you the glutes everyone would drool over.

1. Squats:


When doing lower body workouts do not miss out on squats. It is one exercise which can give great results in a matter of few days only. Remember to spread your legs out and do deep squats. The deeper you sink, the better the results would be.

2. Deadlift:

Perfect Deadlift

It is one exercise which targets all the body muscles. Remember to tighten your glutes as you lift the weights and throughout its motions to give it a nice shape. Stand tall with your shoulders, back and glutes in the same line when you lift the weights since the body posture is of utmost importance.

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3. Hip thrusts:

It may be embarrassing, but it is so worth it. Shake it like Shakira and get the glutes worth melting for. It has a lot of variations to make the results more effective.

4. Lunges:

Lunges with dumbbells

Since they focus on the lower body half, they are good for the butts too. With proper posture and weights, they can give great results.

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5. Bulgarian squats:

They are a cross between the squats and the lunges. It is one exercise which very strategically targets all lower body muscles and gives you tight glutes you can show off.

Tight glutes come with the effort that focuses on the right muscle groups. Make sure you follow the tips above and pave way for some great looking tight glutes in a matter of weeks only.

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