Exercises To Avoid During Your Period Pain Cover

Exercises To Avoid During Your Period

Working out during your period is a good thing, because exercise helps relieve period-related anxiety, fatigue, or headaches. Most of the moves in YOGA are also fine to do when you have your period. It’s the ones where you basically…

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running cover

5 Proven Running Tips For Beginners

Run toward fitness and health. Running is an effective, low-cost approach to cardiovascular fitness and weight loss. You’ll burn an average of 100 calories every mile and all you need to get started is a pair of good shoes. As…

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How To Plan Your First Workout Routine

Planning your workout is as important as performing your workout! Many people go to the gym and randomly pick exercises to do, some random cardio and then doing a few weight training exercises. While you are getting some exercise, planning…

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7 Essential Stretching Exercises For Runners Rope Stretch

7 Full Body Cool Down Exercises

Many fitness enthusiasts still mistakenly believe that the cool down as a waste of time. In reality, your cool down is as important as your warm up. Cooling down simply means a gradual slow down after an intense workout. You…

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