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The Beginner’s Guide To Burpee Exercise

The burpee is the KING of bodyweight exercises. The single most challenging, effective and complete, whole-body conditioning exercise there is. No other movement will work as many muscle groups, while at the same time improving your endurance, stamina and cardio…

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5 Best Fitness Apps For Women 2017

People who download and use fitness apps are much more physically active compared to nonusers. It won’t exercise for you, but it will help you learn and train. Fitness apps help you organize and develop better exercise habits which can…

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Top 10 Fitness Trends Of 2017

Each New Year, several health and fitness organizations compile a list of the latest fitness trends. Here are the top ten: 1. Wearable Technology New and increasingly affordable fitness trackers and heart rate monitors topped all the lists. These devices…

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Best Lower Body Workout Routine For Women

Looking for best, most effective workouts that target core, abdominal, thighs and butt? Try this 10-minute routine for a toned, firmed, tight upper body that you can do at home. Exercise 1: Targets core Exercise 2: Target core and abs Exercise 3: Targets butt…

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9 Simple Moves That Focus On Tummy Fat

These are 9 simple yet incredibly effective workouts that focus on your upper and lower abdominal fat. Complete 15-30 reps for each of the following exercises every night and you’ll get a flat stomach in a few weeks. Exercise 1: Super hero Exercise 2: Bicycle…

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7 Most Efficient Arm Toning Workouts

These are 7 most efficient arm toning workouts for your Biceps, Triceps and even Shoulders. Try out the following exercises with dumbbells to get a strong, toned, sexy upper body  in just 10 minutes a day. Exercise 1: Tricep kickback Exercise 2: Shoulder lift Exercise 3: Lateral…

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