5 Easy Resistance Band Exercises To Build A Great Body

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford the gym or expensive home equipment, invest in a pair of resistance bands. They’re adjustable, just shorten the length to increase the resistance they provide, but they also provide resistance through the entire movement causing you to work harder – and get better results. With a good set of bands you’ll be able to work your chest, arms, legs, and core, your entire body.

Here are FIVE proven & effective full body resistance band exercises that you can follow two to three days each week with your choice of cardio on alternating days. This combination of resistance and cardio will turn your body into a fat burning machine.


1. Band Bicep Curl

Curls With Resistance Band

Stand on your resistance band with your feet about shoulder width apart and one end of the band in each hand. Perform alternating curls just like you were using dumbbells. Curls work that muscle on the front of your arm, the biceps.

Target the biceps with this simple curling move:

2. Tricep Extensions

Tricep Extensions Resistance Band

Stand on one end of your band with both feet for resistance and with the band behind you, bring the arm holding the band behind your head with your elbow facing out. Holding your elbow in one spot, extend your arm straight up and flex your triceps at the top then bend your arm only at the elbow to lower your arm to the start position. Complete your reps with one arm then do the same number of reps with the other arm.

Say goodbye to arm jiggle with this tricep exercise that is extremely effective:

3. Shoulder Raises

Shoulder Raises With Resistance Band

Stand with your feet together on the center of your band and hold the ends in each hand. Now raise your straight arms out to the side for lateral shoulder raises or raise your straight arms up to shoulder height in front of your body for front shoulder raises. These raises will tone your front and side deltoids for great shoulders.

Gain upper body and arm strength with this resistance band exercise:

4. Seated Rows

Seated Rows

Sit upright with your legs straight and the bands across the bottoms of your feet and the handles (or ends) in each hand. Now pull back as if you are rowing a boat, you are working your back, not your arms so move the resistance with those back muscles as you sculpt a shapely back.

5. Squats

Squats With Resistance Band

Stand on the center of your band with feet shoulder-width apart. Bring the handles up to your chin or shoulders and lock them in place as you perform your squats. This exercise works your legs, you should feel the burn in your quads (thighs).

Final Thoughts:

This is an easy to follow full body workout that anyone can do regardless of your fitness level. Use these resistance band exercises and start toning muscle and burning fat.

Build A Great Body With Resistance Bands