A Proven 5-Minute Morning Workout Plan to Lose Weight

Morning is the best time to wake up and start your day. It’s when you get a fresh start, energy, and inspiration. Especially if you follow the 5-minute morning workout routine below.

Lifestyles are changed with the passage of time and so is thinking. Ladies these days are very conscious about their health. They do not look at the workout just as a mean to lose weight. They know it makes them more energetic and strengthens their muscles. So, they make sure to make it a part of their life. As far as time is concerned, there is not any specific time for the workout. You can do it any time that is the most suitable for you. Women who stay at home like to activate their day with exercise before starting their routine daily tasks.

Morning is the best time for exercise, which can help get your metabolism going. At least a few minutes of physical activity helps you burn at least 80 extra calories. Plus, exercising in the morning is a good way to encourage yourself to do it on a regular basis. Adding simple exercises to your morning routine can easily pay off in terms of improving your health and well-being.

So, here we are with a workout that you can do in the morning.


A Plan of 5-Minute Morning Workout to Lose Weight:

Start With The Jogging:


You need to warm up your body first. For this purpose, you can jog for thirty seconds in place. Consider your body like a machine. Warm up is like oiling the machine before it gets started. At this point, you can experience an increase in your heart rate, and you will breathe faster than normal.

Do Some Cat Kicks:

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The next step is the cat kicks for thirty seconds. You will raise your one leg up while making out your back round and by bringing your arms together in front of you. Do this step with the other leg too. Try to raise your leg enough so that your hands could touch it. This will move your several muscles vigorously.

High Knees:

This step is again for thirty seconds. Consider yourself as a soldier and start marching. Try to pull up your knees as high as possible. Start hopping later. This will surely make your metabolism faster. You will feel that your body is heated up. This step will burn your calories.



Bring your arms forward and raise. Keep a little distance between your feet. Bend your knees and hips, and make a position as you are going to sit on the chair. Your arms should be at the height of your shoulder. This exercise will work on your hips, knees, ankles and shoulder. You will do it for thirty seconds.

Imaginary Jump Rope:

Jump Rope

We all are familiar with the jump rope. You just have to do the steps of jump rope with an imaginary rope in your hand. You can start with a slow speed and later you can increase the speed and take the bigger jump as well.



Bring forward your right foot and bend the both knees. Try keeping your weight on the back knee. Make sure your back knee doesn’t touch the ground. Now bring your left foot forward and maintain the same pose.


You have to pose like skating for 30 seconds. You are hopping sideways with your arms continuously swinging. Keep your knees and hips bent.

Do The Bicycle Crunches:

Criss Cross

Lay down on your back and with your knees and hips on 90 degrees. Keep your head and shoulder blades little higher from the ground and your hands on the side of your head. Stretch out one leg and bend one knee and bring it closer to your elbow. Now do it with the other leg stretched out.

In the end, do push-ups and jumping jacks each for thirty seconds.


  • The plan of 5-minute morning workout is easy for all to perform, even for a beginner. This plan may help you lose weight without making any changes in your daily routine, creating more time for you on the other side.
  • The most important thing to remember is that consistency matters, so plan on spending the entire five minutes. Working out is a positive habit that can lead to better health and energy, so it’s a good idea to make working out part of your daily routine.