7 Magical Weight Loss Tips Women Can Shape Their Body Fast

It’s almost vision of every woman to look stunning in any sexy outfit. Furthermore, shedding weight fast is what they dream.


What to do?

Is that so easy?

Check out 7 remarkable fast weight losing tips to bring your body in perfect shape:

1. Workout Smarter:

Research says that doing 3-4 shorter workouts of 10 minutes consecrates the lady with better outcomes instead of doing a workout of 30 minutes at a stretch. It’s because the lady does not feel the stress and fatigue as it is a matter of only 10 minutes. Apart from these taking breaks relaxes the muscles and prepares the body for the next best shot. It also boosts the efficiency of fat burning hormones.

Workout Smarter

2. Drink plenty of water:

Water decreases the fat storage. It’s because our organs like kidney and liver do no perform their activities well in the absence of adequate water. By drinking sufficient water, kidney performs the process of waste elimination faster while liver improves its efficiency by twice.

3. Eat loads of raw vegetables and fresh fruits:

They keep the body contented for long while consuming lesser calories. The roughage and water content in them does the magic.

4. Green Tea:

Green Tea

3-5 cups of green tea in a day enhances the fat burning procedure by 35-43%. If you are running short of time to drink green tea, then either pop green pills or the fat burner supplements with green tea content in it.

5. Food with fiber:

Your food should be rich in fiber as it takes a long time to digest. Remember, every 35 grams of fiber for 100 grams of food consumed sheds 150 calories/day or 16 pounds/ year. It’s because fiber keeps you feel full slowing down the digestion process preventing hunger. Take fiber in the form of fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and some cereals.

6. Proteins increase weight loss faster:

When you eat protein with fiber, the fat burning metabolism becomes much faster. It’s because the body needs calories to digest the fats and protein. Remember, your body burns 30% of the calories through protein during digestion. Moreover, protein suppresses the hunger cravings keeping the women feel full for elongated spans.

7. Limit your salt and sugar intake:

Excessive salt (more than 2500 mg in a day) retains water in the body leading to bloating. Thirst is an indicator of excessive salt consumption. Stay away from canned soups, meat products and fast foods. Also avoid diet sodas and juices with preservatives as they have heaps of artificial ingredients, sugar and almost no fiber. Furthermore, artificial sweeteners’ enhance cravings for sugar products and other food items.

So, simply follow these simple steps and flaunt for beautiful curves.

7 Magical Weight Loss Tips Women Can Shape Their Body Fast