5 Fast Pilates Moves For Bikini Belly

Pilates are great as they help you to connect your body and mind. It really helps to listen to your hunger pangs in the body. The beauty of Pilates is that it helps to shape the abs very effectively which is impossible to achieve with mere sit ups.

Here are some moves to gain a toned bikini belly:


1. Simple Pilates:


In this move, the tummy will flatten and uses your abs in the most efficient way. Sit on an exercise mat with your legs and thighs in the shape of a tent.  Hold your thighs below the knees. Hold your breath. Curl your head and shoulders and press your lower back against the floor. Now move the arms up and down along your sides. 10 seconds. Breathe in and out for 10 seconds. Repeat the same for the next 50 pumps.

2. Roll up:

5 Fast Pilates Moves For Bikini Belly

Start this move with a sit up with legs straight in front of you. Stretch your arms parallel to your legs. Bend down and lower your neck between the arms. Next, bend your knees, curl backward, raise your arms upwards and pull abs in tightly. Exhale and lower your arms and brings arms to the side. Do 10-12 reps at a moderate pace.

3. Single leg circle:

Single leg circle

This move will shape your abs and provide pelvic stability. Lie flat on the exercise mat. Keep your shoulders at the level of the pelvis. Lift one leg at 90degrees and inhale. Move the leg in big circular motion and exhale. Sweep back the leg and move to the starting position. It strengthens the quads and hamstrings.

4. Criss Cross:

Criss Cross

Another great move to strengthen your core and attain the bikini belly. Lie on the back with hands layered, one palm over the other and placed behind the head. Keep the knees slight bend towards your chest. Inhale slowly and twist your torso to the point where your right elbow will be above the left knee. Then exhale and twist the torso until the left elbow is above the right knee. Do about six sets of the twist.

5. Wall Chair:

Wall sits

This move is great as it boosts your endurance. It also tones the muscle and is an exercise with good benefits. All that is required for the exercise is a wall and two dumbbells. Keep your feet at hip width and stand with your back in contact with the wall. Bend the knees and slide down as if you are sitting on a chair. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor. Hold the arms at shoulder height and hold for half a minute. Do 6-8 reps of this move.

With the above Pilate moves, you can gain strong abs and a flat belly.

Pilates Moves For Bikini Belly